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When hiring any employee, it’s customary to evaluate them to make sure they’ll be successful in the role and be a good fit for your company. The hiring process usually includes reviewing the candidate’s resume and interviewing them. For technical roles, such as engineering, data science, and security, candidates need to complete technical interviews that […]

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It may be the spookiest day of the year for those celebrating Halloween, but something else has been haunting the tech industry for quite some time: the technical hiring process. Job seekers looking for new opportunities in 2023 have had some pretty eerie experiences — experiences rife with scary strategies, terrifying tactics, and ancient rituals […]

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The tech hiring landscape continues to shift as the world’s workforce navigates global economic uncertainty. Fortunately, these shifts create opportunities for software developers and engineers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts the job market for these professionals remains resilient with an expected 26% increase in employment over the next decade. Furthermore, Karat’s 2023 Hiring Trends […]

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As technology’s hiring landscape rapidly evolves, the pursuit of top talent is more competitive than ever before. To confidently hire the best tech professionals possible, talent acquisition (TA) leaders are using artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to transform how they source, evaluate, and hire.  Earlier this week, Scott Bonneau, Karat’s EVP of Product and Operations, […]

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The recent webinar, “Harnessing AI and the future of tech hiring,” featured an enlightening discussion about the future of generative AI, or genAI, in software development and engineering hiring. Moderated by Scott Bonneau, EVP of Product and Operations at Karat, the webinar brought together industry leaders Sagnik Nandy, CTO at Okta, and Eddie Zhou, Founding […]

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In the first part of our series with Don Gannon-Jones, our VP of Content, we focused on the science behind the Interviewing Cloud and how it shapes technical interviews and hiring. In this post, Don and I discussed best practices for re-engineering interview experiences. For best practices throughout the entire hiring process, check out the […]

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Google: What are Karat interview questions? Chances are, if you’ve taken a Karat interview, you’ve run a search like the example above. In fact, most candidates interviewing at any company will have scoured Leetcode, Reddit, Blind, Glassdoor, and other sites for clues on what questions they might be asked throughout the technical hiring process. At […]

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Work culture plays a huge role in employee satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity, and assessing whether a candidate is a culture fit is an important aspect of the interview process. Unfortunately, culture is a tricky concept to nail down, and developing questions that probe culture fit is difficult. I recently sat down with Peter Bell at […]

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Congratulations! You’ve been invited to take a Karat interview. This likely means that a prospective employer has reviewed your application and resume, conducted a recruiter screen, and selected you from the pool of applicants to move forward in the technical hiring process. The next step –whether you’re interviewing with Karat or another company – will […]

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