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Build strong contractor teams

Validate that every contractor meets your team’s technical skill requirements — ensuring a consistent quality standard across your eng organization.

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Make the most of each contractor role

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    High Quality Placements

    Use Karat’s consistent, proven interviewing process to ensure that every contractor meets your technical bar.

  • Extensive Role Coverage image

    Extensive Role Coverage

    With Karat’s proprietary content library, you can assess core skills across a wide-variety of role types and functions.

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    Vendor Insights

    Leverage Karat’s data to evaluate the quality of your sourcing vendors across KPIs.

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    Leveling Support

    Use interview performance and benchmarking insights to set appropriate contractor levels and pay scales.

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    Ramp Up Quickly

    Unlimited interview capacity and 24/7 on-demand interviewing for candidates.

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Karat + AI

Assess for AI Skills

Karat supports interviewing for AI eng roles and key AI skills — including machine learning, prompt engineering, data engineering, and data science.

Case Study

How Karat helped a major bank uplevel their contractor teams

400 +

Technical interviews conducted


Sourcing vendors evaluated

58 %

Candidates identified as below the bar and filtered out


Days avg time in process

Getting started

Designed to help you hit the ground running

Step 01

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Step 01

Assess all potential contractors via a role-specific Karat Technical Interview.

Step 02

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Step 02

Only onboard candidates that meet your technical bar and use interview performance to level appropriately.

Step 03

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Step 03

Compare vendor performance data across KPIs — gaining insight into which partners deliver the most value and are worth investment.

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