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We celebrate Black Brilliance throughout the year, but this month has been exceptionally special for us as we have highlighted Black leaders and candidates within the Karat community. Rounding up Black History Month, we’d love to shed more context on a few candidates who landed job opportunities through Brilliant Black Minds. Yosief Kidane, Isaiah Smith, and Victor Pimentel […]

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It’s 2022, you’re a software engineer, and you’re looking for technical work. If this describes you, you’re not alone. The good news is that openings in tech still exist. However, there’s one big step between today’s you and the you who is building interesting things and getting paid for it: you need to get hired […]

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My name is Darius Faison, and I’m a senior at Morehouse College graduating this spring. I’ll be starting as a software engineer at Microsoft this summer in Atlanta, Georgia. But trust me, my journey wasn’t at all linear. This is my story about the power of practice and Brilliant Black Minds. Growing up, I was […]

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Anthony Mays didn’t know he’d be here. Growing up a Black kid in Compton in the 1980s and 90s, there weren’t Black technologists, futurists, and engineers to look to for inspiration. He and his family were just trying to remain resilient and encouraged in an environment where poverty and pain were far too common. Years […]

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Here at Karat, we’re wrapping up the end of the fall interviewing season which is the busiest time of year for companies hiring early career talent. As we reflect on what we learned this year, we’re are especially reminded of the dangers of pedigree bias, resume screens, and limiting early career hiring to a select […]

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