Candidate Experience

The Karat interview experience

Karat conducts live technical assessments as part of our clients’ hiring process. It’s our job to give every candidate a technical interview that is fair, predictive, enjoyable, and above all, human. Unlike take-home coding tests or automated tech screens, you will have the live support, guidance, and feedback of a professional Interview Engineer (IVE) in a fully-toolled IDE to show off your skills!

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Why Karat

Our mission is to unlock opportunity in tech

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    Technical interviews

    We’ve conducted over 300,000 technical interviews on behalf of leading organizations to help them hire qualified candidates like you faster

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    Global hiring

    We’ve conducted interviews in over 70 countries

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    Interview Engineers (IVEs)

    We have trained and vetted over 500 IVEs around the world

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    Delight candidates

    Candidates rate their experience with us 4.5 stars on average

The process

How it works

Step 01

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Step 01

60% of interviews are scheduled outside of core business hours, on nights, or weekends.

Step 02

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Step 02

For the interview, you’ll want to make sure you have the right equipment to set yourself up for success.

Step 03

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Step 03

Your interview will be 60 minutes covering a brief introduction, discussion questions, and programming questions.

Step 04

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Step 04

The most important thing we are evaluating is how successfully your code solves the problem.

Scheduling Your Interview

You pick the time, we’ll be there

We know that you’re busy, so we offer flexible scheduling. You can schedule your interview at a time that works for you whether it be over the weekend, in the evening, or over lunch.

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Interviewing with Karat

What you can expect from your interview

Your Karat interview will be conducted by an IVE — a professional software developer (just like you!). They have a lot of experience leading technical interviews, so they’re well-practiced at helping you show your best skills, and are up to date with our best practices. Your interview will be an hour long, and will have three major sections: A brief introduction 10 min. of discussion questions 40 min. of programming questions

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Take a break. The next step is ours.

We’ll send the recruiter the video recording of the interview, including a summary that highlights your performance on the questions. The recruiter will use that to decide what the next steps in the hiring process are and will contact you.

Congratulations on this phase of the hiring process. We know that applying for a new role can be challenging. We wish you the best of luck on this journey.

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