2024 Benchmark Report: Software Engineer Salaries in the United States

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Tech advancements and innovations are pushing compensation higher as software engineers specialize and upskill. Skills and experience in emerging technologies like AI are high in demand, yet the supply of engineers in the first few years of these new fields is extremely limited. As a result, these engineers are able to command incredibly high salaries and receive large amounts of equity. Between the pandemic and rise in AI, where do salaries for software engineers currently stand in 2024?

In our report with Pave, we lay out the most recent U.S. salary benchmarking data on:

  • Software engineer titles and roles
  • Professional and management levels
  • Salaries by city

With these benchmarks, HR and engineering leaders like you will gain an understanding of today’s market and be prepared to pay competitively in order to secure the best engineering talent.

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