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An innovative human + tech solution

  • Battle-tested content image

    Battle-tested content

    Capture a stronger hiring signal with thoroughly researched interview content built to evaluate competencies most predictive of performance.


    higher onsite-to-offer ratio

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    Expert interview engineers

    Reclaim engineering bandwidth with live, human-led interviews conducted by experienced, certified interview engineers.

    48 hours

    reclaimed per hire

  • Flexible scheduling image

    Flexible scheduling

    Accelerate hiring with 24/7, on-demand interviewing available same-day, evenings, and weekends.


    reduction in time-to-hire

  • Consistent hiring processes image

    Consistent hiring processes

    Reduce bias with structured interview formats and consistent scoring rubrics to produce fair and trustworthy results.


    more inclusive hires

By the numbers

The world’s leader in technical interviewing

350k+ k+

technical interviews conducted

70 +

countries where we’ve interviewed

500 +

trained and vetted interview engineers around the world

1 m+

hours reclaimed back to engineers

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AI Outlook

Hire AI Engineers

Prepare your organization for the future by identifying engineers who have the skills to build with and adapt to the latest evolution in tech.

Getting started

The right content + the right interviewer = the right results

Step 01

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Step 01

Build a tailored interview plan by working with one of our expert solutions engineers to determine the technologies, content, and level best suited for your role.

Step 02

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Step 02

Reclaim engineering bandwidth by using Karat’s network of expert Interview Engineers to assess a candidate’s technical ability.

Step 03

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Step 03

Use Karat’s strong, predictive signal to advance the most qualified candidates to your final round, then extend your offers with confidence.

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