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Identify top engineering talent efficiently, effectively, and equitably with a signal you can trust.


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The Karat Interviewing Cloud

Karat created the world’s first Interviewing Cloud to conduct technical interviews on behalf of organizations hiring software engineers. The Interviewing Cloud uses a global network of experienced engineers trained to deliver consistent interviews with questions and formats that align to your roles and hiring bar.

On demand interviews

Experienced engineers are available to conduct live technical interviews 24/7. Flexible scheduling lets your candidates move through the process faster, accelerating hiring.

Interview rubric

Consistent interviews and structured scoring

Consistent interviews using proven interview content and objective scoring rubrics reduce noise by focusing on the specific skills and competencies required for your roles.

Technical Recruiter Candidate Recommendation

Strong and actionable hiring signal

Karat’s analytics, industry benchmarking, and predictive recommendations let you spend more time with the right candidates and make hiring decisions with confidence.

Brilliant Black Minds - program details. Two people looking at a laptop.

Fair and equitable hiring

In a world without enough software engineers, inequity is a business problem. Karat’s structured process and consistent interviews reduce bias, helping more of your candidates showcase their brilliance.

Karat's Interviewing Cloud has been a game-changer for us. We've gotten back over 25,000 hours of developer time that we're able to spend innovating and building products.

Joseph Sirosh, CTO at Compass ,

Inclusive hiring processes for diverse engineering teams

In the US, just 5% of software engineers are Black, and less than half of Black computer science students have had a practice interview. But those with three or more practice interviews are six times more likely to land an internship. Learn more about how we’re working to close the Interview Access Gap.

Karat’s Interviewing Cloud and Brilliant Black Minds are creating a tech industry that represents ALL of us – giving organizations access to a deeper interview-ready talent pool and bringing more unique voices to the table while unlocking even more engineering time and supporting DEI initiatives.

Karat's Real Talk: Diversity in Tech