Equitable and Inclusive Hiring

Uncover the power of diverse teams

Build diverse engineering teams with a process that counteracts bias and gives all candidates an equal opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

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Diverse teams outperform monoculture teams

  • A fair, objective approach image

    A fair, objective approach

    Counteract bias with professional interviewers, resume-agnostic evaluations, validated content, video recordings, and a fully auditable process.

  • 24/7, flexible interviews image

    24/7, flexible interviews

    Provide candidates with the flexibility to interview outside of standard business hours — including nights & weekends.

  • Global consistency image

    Global consistency

    Ensure equitable outcomes by delivering a consistent experience — same content, same rubric, same interviewer readiness, same opportunity to succeed.

  • Reimagined screening image

    Reimagined screening

    Break the cycle pedigree-based screening with a top of funnel solution that focuses on a candidates’ skillset rather than their resume.

  • Redo interviews image

    Redo interviews

    Reduce false negatives and increase opportunity by providing a second chance to candidates who had an “off-day.”

By the numbers

Equitable hiring is effective hiring

60 %

Increase in diverse hires

60 %

Of interviews scheduled outside business hours

20 %

Of candidates choose to take a Redo interview

40 %

Of Redo candidates improve their score

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