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  • Optimize your process image

    Optimize your process

    Objectively compare candidates, refine sourcing, and identify opportunities to improve your funnel with consistent, quantifiable results.

  • Extend your knowledge image

    Extend your knowledge

    Gain a wider perspective on candidate quality and competitive standing with individual and industry benchmarking.

  • Maintain consistency image

    Maintain consistency

    Establish a calibrated hiring bar to achieve a uniform talent standard across teams and regions.

  • Grow together image

    Grow together

    Whether expanding globally, adapting to AI, or just looking for best practices, Karat’s expertise can help you prepare for whatever’s next.

  • Keep it fair image

    Keep it fair

    Audit your entire process to ensure that it is equitable and inclusive for all candidates.

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An unrivaled hiring database

350 k+

technical interviews conducted

100 +

unique data points from each technical interview.

300 m+

data points powering one-of-a-kind insights

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AI Outlook

Adapting to AI

As leaders in AI hiring, Karat is helping businesses build AI talent strategies, keep up with the latest developments, and prepare for the future.

Getting started

Getting started

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Step 01

Check out our latest reports, webinars, and resources to get our take on what’s happening across the industry.

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Step 02

Become a Karat partner and tap into your hiring potential with data-driven processes, unique analytics, and industry expertise.

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Step 03

With ongoing calibration and a leaned-in partnership, Karat will actually get better over time — helping you to continue to raise the bar.

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