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Next to family, health, and where we live, jobs are one of the most important parts of people’s lives. Jobs give us purpose and fulfillment.

Interviews are the gateway between each of us and our next job — they are a critical connection point. And yet, while there are billions of interviews happening every year, interviewing has never been recognized as its own discipline. In fact, the vast majority of people conducting interviews receive no formal training in how to conduct them.

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Interview Engineering

We believe that every interview can — and should — be predictive, fair, and enjoyable. We created Interview Engineering to do the job right.

Just like Front-end Engineers do front end work and Back-end Engineers do back end work, we have built the largest community of dedicated and passionate Interview Engineers who are equipped with best practices and technology to interview.

Karat at work.

Our Interview Engineers are supported by our interviewing infrastructure and the learning from tens of thousands of interviews — we pair the best of human connection with technology to redefine what an interview can be.

In the coming years, nearly 3 billion people will be impacted by interviews — that one simple step between talent and opportunity. Karat is there to ensure that every interview provides the opportunity for growth that all people deserve.


Mohit Bhende, Karat Founder
Mohit Bhende


Jeffrey Spector, Karat Founder
Jeffrey Spector



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