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Leveraging Your Engineering Brand to Attract Top Talent image


Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:30pm IST / 9:00am EST India has become a leading destination for Global Capability Centers (GCCs), with nearly 1,600 centers employing over 1.66 million people. Amidst all this growth, competition for top talent has reached a new high.  This webinar will showcase how leading Global Capability Centers (GCCs) build and leverage […]

How to Evaluate HR Tech in the Age of AI image


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the hiring process, offering unprecedented efficiencies and insights. However, integrating AI in hiring comes with significant legal and ethical considerations. These challenges can derail otherwise promising integrations. So what does a talent leader need to know before taking the leap? Watch our on-demand webinar with top legal and talent experts […]

What is the role of the engineering manager in the hiring process? image


We’ve partnered with our pals at LeadDev to bring together an exciting panel of experienced hiring leaders.  Watch this on-demand webinar as it discusses how they work to make the recruitment process a breeze for engineering managers. Learn how different organizations empower their engineering leads and their hiring squads to work smarter, not harder. We’re […]

Going Global: Tapping into Latin America’s Booming Engineering Talent image


Latin America is not the next thing in tech, because it’s already here. Watch our on-demand webinar for a deep dive with four exceptional Talent Acquisition and Engineering leaders from PayPal, Etsy, Pinterest, and Zillow. Here’s what you’ll learn: First-hand experience building and leading engineering talent teams in Latin America with Global HQs, and all […]

Resilient Futures: Nurturing Diverse Talent in the Age of AI image


The widespread adoption of generative AI within technology teams is set to have a profound effect on the recruitment and hiring of diverse early-career software engineers. Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how GenAI may impact emerging talent pipelines in the years ahead and how forward-thinking talent and DEI leaders should prepare. Register if you […]

Going Global: How to Build and Scale Technology Teams Across Geos image


On-demand Companies are increasingly searching outside of their own borders for great talent. But the reason why may not be what you think.  On average, 75% of employers report experiencing difficulty filling open roles. To find the right talent, companies are building teams across various geographies, including tech hubs in India, LATAM, and EMEA, as […]

How to Build AI-Enabled Engineering Interviews image


Wednesday, October 25th @ 10am PT | 1pm ET The engineers of tomorrow will have access to powerful, potentially disruptive AI-based tools. Join our upcoming webinar to learn how to build engineering interviews that assess your engineering candidates’ true ability, regardless of whether they’re leveraging AI tools on the job.  Can’t make it? No problem […]

Harnessing AI: The Future of Tech Hiring (Part 2) image


Watch Part 2 of our webinar series and discover how top talent leaders from Duolingo, Tinder, and Labelbox are approaching AI hiring and integrating AI in their talent acquisition strategies. Are you ready to unlock the potential of AI in tech hiring? Dive deep into the minds of these talent leaders as they share their […]

Harnessing AI: The Future of Tech Hiring (Part 1) image


Our panel of experts delved into the myriad ways AI is changing the face of engineering interviewing and hiring for the better.  Join our Part 2 of this webinar series happening Wednesday, September 13th, learn more here.  Learn from seasoned experts on the topic, Jason Wodicka, Principal Engineering Advocate, and Don Gannon-Jones, VP of Content, at […]

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