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Replace outdated screening methods with an innovative, equitable top-of-funnel exercise that gets more qualified candidates moving through your pipeline.

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Product details

Reimagine applicant screening

  • Innovative assessments image

    Innovative assessments

    Using adaptive technology and advanced testing theory — similar to the GMAT & GRE — questions adjust in real-time to generate a nuanced signal.

  • Equitable experience image

    Equitable experience

    Evaluate skills, not resumes and break the cycle of pedigree bias by giving everyone an equal opportunity to showcase their abilities.

  • Engaging, scalable design image

    Engaging, scalable design

    Easily manage high application volume with an on-demand, multiple-choice exercise that delivers high completion rates and instant results.

  • Trusted process & results image

    Trusted process & results

    IO psychologist-developed content that accurately assesses core competencies and empowers teams to confidently advance the right applicants.

  • (Intentionally) not a code test image

    (Intentionally) not a code test

    Code tests are a major frustration for engineers & hiring teams, so we designed an alternative that is both candidate-friendly and more predictive.

By the numbers

Lightweight for candidates, versatile for recruiters


Multiple choice questions per exercise


Minutes for most candidates to complete the exercise

20 +

Different engineering topic areas to choose from

1500 +

Unique, research-backed questions

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AI Outlook

Assess candidates,
not AI

As code tests face an uncertain future, Karat Qualify’s gen-AI resilient design works to prevent cheating and produce authentic results.

Getting started

Effortlessly evaluate your entire applicant pool

Step 01

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Step 01

Define the focus of your Karat Qualify by choosing from our library of 20+ pre-built, proprietary, and research-backed topics.

Step 02

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Step 02

Forget resume screens or code tests, simply send Karat Qualify
to all applicants and let the talent speak for itself.

Step 03

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Step 03

Use the instant results and actionable recommendations to advance promising applicants onto the Karat Interview for deeper evaluation.

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