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With flexible products & a wealth of expertise, our tailored solutions help you navigate the specific complexities of each scenario and achieve your hiring goals.

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Industry Hiring

Drive better results with the right hires

Deliver innovative products and solutions with a trustworthy process to help you make the right, quality hires for a range of roles across levels and specializations.

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Global Hiring

Expand your footprint with world-class talent

Tap in global talent hubs and build distributed teams with Karat’s expert-level insights and market-ready solutions — helping you navigate the unique nuances and challenges that come with hiring abroad.

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Early Career

Uncover the next generation of talent

Evaluate the real-world ability of candidates with a skill-based approach to hiring, evaluating beyond just a resume and extending reach to more students and new professionals.

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Hiring in India

We make it easy to hire great engineers in India

With years of in-market experience, deep market insights, and market-ready solutions, Karat has established a proven track record of empowering businesses to hire in India.

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Equitable and Inclusive Hiring

Promote diversity with an equitable, inclusive process

Build diverse teams, counteract bias, and give every candidate an equal opportunity with an interviewing process that is fair, inclusive, human, and focused on talent.

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Contingent Staffing

Uplevel your contractor teams & staffing partners

Hire quickly while upleveling your contractor teams with a proven interviewing process that empowers you to validate technical skill, audit vendor quality, avoid “filler” placements, and make the most of each hire.

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Internal Mobility

Unlock potential from within

Retain and develop talent with a process that streamlines the internal mobility process by generating a strong signal of technical ability and fit for employees transitioning into new roles.

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