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With years of in-market experience, deep market insights, and market-ready solutions, Karat has established a proven track record of empowering businesses to hire in India.

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Explore the report to gain insights on the State of Software Engineer Hiring in India

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Tech hiring in India

Built for India – Engineered in the US

  • Efficiently assess large applicant pools image

    Efficiently assess large applicant pools

    Karat’s top-of-funnel assessment helps you narrow thousands of applicants to a few, pre-vetted candidates eager to meet you.

    50 hours

    reclaimed for every hire

  • Hire faster with 24/7 interviews image

    Hire faster with 24/7 interviews

    Increase your technical interviewing bandwidth and ramp up your hiring with 24/7 capacity including same-day and off hours during weekends and holidays.


    of interviews in India are scheduled during “off-hours”

  • Built for speed image

    Built for speed

    Avoid candidate dropouts by moving them quickly through your hiring pipeline. Keep candidates engaged and get to offers fast with same day candidate feedback.

    19% faster

    Indian candidates complete their technical interviews 19% faster than similar candidates in the US/EU

  • Meet your global talent bar image

    Meet your global talent bar

    Build your India team with a predictive signal that empowers unbiased identification of top talent aligning with your global bar.


    Karat’s predictive signal identifies 27% better engineering talent

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