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Bangalore: Top City to Hire Software Engineers image

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Bangalore, known as the Silicon Valley of India, stands out as one of the top cities to hire software engineers in 2024 for two reasons: its total number of engineers and volume of elite engineers. The city is the largest market for software engineers in the world. With over 360,000 software engineers, Bangalore has almost […]

San Francisco: Top City to Hire Software Engineers image

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San Francisco and the larger Bay Area, which includes Oakland and Silicon Valley, continues to be one of the world’s preeminent tech hubs. In our 2024 report on the top cities to hire software engineers, San Francisco ranks second in the world for strong engineering talent and has the third largest talent pool. Tech giants […]

Dublin: Top City to Hire Software Engineers image

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The tech industry in Dublin, the capital and largest city of Ireland, has come a long way since IBM became the first U.S. tech company to set up an office there in 1956. It’s now one of Europe’s leading tech hubs, and our report on the 2024 top cities to hire software engineers found that […]

Hiring Engineers in Latin America: Insights From Etsy, PayPal, Pinterest, and Zillow image

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There’s currently a lot of momentum and interest in hiring software engineers from Latin America — particularly Mexico City, Guadalajara, São Paulo, and Buenos Aires. We expect these cities, along with others throughout Latin America, to continue growing and eventually become some of the top cities to hire software engineers. This presents an opportunity for […]

Hyderabad: Top City to Hire Software Engineers image

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With over six million software engineers, India is one of the largest pools of tech talent in the world. In addition to being home to nearly a quarter of the world’s developers, India also boasts some of the highest concentrations of top engineering talent. Six Indian cities made our list of the top cities to […]

Your Guide to Technical Interviews image

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When hiring any employee, it’s customary to evaluate them to make sure they’ll be successful in the role and be a good fit for your company. The hiring process usually includes reviewing the candidate’s resume and interviewing them. For technical roles, such as engineering, data science, and security, candidates need to complete technical interviews that […]

Seattle: Top City to Hire Software Engineers image

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In our 2024 ranking of the top cities to hire software engineers, Seattle ranks at the top of the list based on its concentration of strong software engineers. The city also ranked third in the world,  and first in the U.S. based on its concentration of elite engineering talent.  With Microsoft and Amazon headquartered in […]

Brilliant Black Minds 2024 Annual Community Report image

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We are proud to present Karat’s inaugural Brilliant Black Minds Annual Community Report! This update is both a reflection of the tremendous progress we’ve made over the past year and a celebration of how our community has come together to break down barriers, foster brilliance, and unlock opportunities. Reflecting back, we have some wonderful success […]

Unlocking Tomorrow’s Talent: Insights from Consero’s Talent Acquisition Forum image

Industry Trends & Research


Last week, I had the opportunity to lead a session at Consero’s Talent Acquisition Management Forum in Irving, Texas. It was an engaging discussion with talent acquisition leaders about various trends in the technology industry, including the direct impact Artificial Intelligence (AI) and global hiring strategies are having on today’s talent landscape. Here are a […]

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