The Interview Access Gap for Black Engineers image


Black engineers share their first-hand experiences

Next 10 cities for remote developer hiring image


Here are the next 10 markets for remote developer hiring in 2021.

Technical Recruiting: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly image


Shannon Hogue, Head of Solutions Engineering at Karat, shares data and insights from over 70,000 technical interviews that explore technical recruiting best practices, worst practices, and downright ugly practices across the industry. Tips for how to make tech recruiting more predictive, fair, and enjoyable at every stage.

How to build world-class tech recruiting operations image


Tech recruiting operations leaders from Datadog and Pinterest share their best practices for creating structured, reliable processes for hiring software engineers.

The 2020 Interview Gap Report image


Software engineering talent drives business growth. This report reveals what successful companies are doing to hire the right engineering talent in a changing economy.

Virtual CTO Summit: Better technical interviews image


Shannon Hogue shares Karat's tips for making better technical interviews that are predictive, fair, and enjoyable at the 2020 Virtual CTO Summit.

Engineering the technical interview image


Zach van Schouwen, VP Engineering, Karat shares best practices.

The art and science of predictive technical interviews image


As more high-growth businesses turn to remote interviews to keep pace with hiring goals, Lus Mendel shares the art and science of Interview Engineering: conducting technical interviews that are fair, predictive, and enjoyable. Lus discusses good technical interview questions and formats, the problems with technical homework assignments and code tests, and how to get the most signal out of your live technical interviews for software engineers and developers.

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