What is the role of the engineering manager in the hiring process?

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We’ve partnered with our pals at LeadDev to bring together an exciting panel of experienced hiring leaders.  Watch this on-demand webinar as it discusses how they work to make the recruitment process a breeze for engineering managers. Learn how different organizations empower their engineering leads and their hiring squads to work smarter, not harder. We’re breaking down the secrets to better team chats, quicker decisions, and snagging the right folks for the job without missing a beat in your regular duties.

Key Takeaways:

  • Pin down what engineering managers really need to do when they’re hiring.
  • Strategize how to use your hiring team’s effort and time as productively as possible.
  • Get the lowdown on tailoring interview training for managers, because one size doesn’t fit all.


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Dalia Havens

VP of Engineering

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Jem Young

Engineering Manager

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Scott Bonneau

EVP Product & Operations

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Allison McMillan

Fractional VP of Engineering & Engineering Leader

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