Going Global: How to Build and Scale Technology Teams Across Geos

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Companies are increasingly searching outside of their own borders for great talent. But the reason why may not be what you think. 

On average, 75% of employers report experiencing difficulty filling open roles. To find the right talent, companies are building teams across various geographies, including tech hubs in India, LATAM, and EMEA, as these regions offer a pool of diverse and talented candidates.

Get the latest insights in global hiring with our panel of experienced leaders who have built teams across the globe.

We’ll cover:

  • Global Hiring Trends: 2024’s trends, encompassing technology, remote work, and evolving skill demands.
  • Strategies to build successful global teams: Learn proven global hiring strategies and gain insights into why these approaches succeed, straight from industry experts.
  • Best Practices for 2024: Discover best practices and processes crucial for successful global hires in 2024, ensuring your organization attracts and retains top engineering talent.
  • Pitfalls to avoid: Identify and sidestep common pitfalls associated with global hiring, learning from real-world mistakes to ensure your team’s success.


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Shane Noe

VP, People Operations

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James Lafferty

VP, Global Talent Acquisition

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Jim Miller

VP, People and Talent

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John Loof

VP of Strategy and Chief of Staff to CEO

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