2023 Tech Hiring Trends Report

Discover what 600+ engineering and talent leaders are facing in tech hiring today, and what the top performers are doing differently to win the race for tech talent.

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tech hiring trends hero image
tech hiring trends hero image

Hiring in the tech industry is evolving despite a slowdown in big tech hiring. Software engineers’ value is soaring, with 55% of leaders considering a strong engineer worth at least 3x their total compensation.

Demonstrating confidence and satisfaction in their hiring endeavors, Top Performing Engineering Leaders champion the significance of engineers over capital, crediting the recruitment of software engineers as a cornerstone of their company’s achievements.

The report highlights the differences between Top Performers and their less successful peers, featuring insights from companies like Tesla, Okta, Visa, Deloitte, Walmart, GSK, and more.

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• Traits of Top Performers
• Top Candidates and Their Value
• Best Practices in Tech Hiring
• Maximizing Global Advantage
• Equitable and Inclusive Hiring


Candidates who complete the Karat process in 4 days are hired at rates that are 2.3 times more efficient than those who spend 14+ days in the process.


75% of the most successful engineering leads see time as an obstacle in the hiring business. Let Karat give you 50% of your time back.

5 Days

The average time it takes Engineering Leaders from posting a job to filling the role is 26 days. The US market average to complete the Karat process is 5 calendar days.

A strong software engineer who can demonstrate a good approach to solving problems is going to be someone I can insert into a lot of roles as the needs of our business shift.

- Sagnik Nandy, CTO of Okta

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