The Best Cities to Set Up a GCC in India

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India stands as a beacon for companies seeking to establish Global Capability Centers (GCCs), boasting a vibrant landscape that fosters innovation and growth. With nearly 1,600 operational centers employing over 1.66 million professionals, India’s GCC footprint is set to skyrocket, projected to encompass 4.5 million employees and a staggering $110 billion investment by 2030.

Navigating India’s vast tech talent landscape requires astute decision-making, considering factors like industry specialization, cost-effectiveness, and policy frameworks. Our report simplifies this journey, spotlighting the top six cities renowned for their tech prowess. 

Here are three key takeaways that readers can expect to glean from our report:

  • Strategic Insights: Gain a nuanced understanding of India’s evolving GCC landscape, including key trends, growth projections, and industry dynamics, empowering informed decision-making for GCC establishment.
  • Talent Navigation: Navigate the complexities of India’s talent market with confidence, armed with practical strategies to identify, attract, and retain top engineering talent amidst fierce competition.
  • City Spotlight: Discover the optimal GCC locations within India’s top six tech hubs, leveraging detailed analyses of each city’s unique advantages, cost-effectiveness, and industry specialization to maximize GCC success.

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