2022 Tech Hiring Trends

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For the past two years, abundant capital and flexible work served as rocket fuel for tech startups. Today, new economic volatility is steering top talent back to the larger companies that are able to demonstrate stability. Organizations that are able to quickly adopt best practices in hiring will have a substantial competitive advantage moving forward.

This report covers the results of a Harris Poll survey of nearly 600 engineering and talent leaders across industries including tech, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, and banking. It includes a deep look at how technical hiring has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the report, we identified a cohort of top performers–the engineering and talent leaders who are both very satisfied with the performance of their teams, and very confident in meeting their hiring targets. This group exhibited a key set of behaviors and differentiators that hiring leaders can learn from as economic volatility once again transforms the tech hiring landscape.

To learn more about how top engineering and talent leaders are approaching technical hiring for their organizations, download the full 2022 Tech Hiring Trends Report.

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