Platform for remote technical interviewing

Integrate the Karat Platform with your recruiting software and gain on-demand access to hiring funnel analytics, candidate recommendations, and interview recordings.

Remote Technical Interview

Purpose-built for hiring engineers with remote interviews

Interview Engineers have been conducting remote, video interviews long before it was a business imperative. Interview Engineers and candidates complete technical assessments and project discussions in Karat Studio — which includes two-way video and an Interactive Developer Environment (IDE). Following the interview, a recording is produced and key milestones are time-stamped for easy review.

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Developer candidates get comfortable with the Karat technical interview in advance

Great candidate experiences start with interview preparation

After a candidate schedules their interview, they are sent a link to the Karat interface. Candidates can access resources to help them feel comfortable in the interview including A/V tips, A/V check, FAQ about the interview, video overview, and information about the hiring company. Karat clients have the option to feature a custom video.

We were able to gradually have more candidates go through the Karat process, and more candidates aligned with what we were looking for on the engineering team.

Tina Tian Head of Talent Acquisition, Ethos Life
Karat Candidate Recommendation

Recommendations, recordings, and write-ups

Karat technical interviews are delivered and scored with the consistency needed to produce highly predictive recommendations. Recommendations are driven by write-ups that are completed within a structured scoring rubric aligned to your hiring bar.

Technical recruiters and hiring managers receive a recommendation that falls into one of four categories, indicating the best next step for the candidate. Recordings include time-stamps and notation to make it quick to find the most important moments to view. Teams can view the write-up and recording of the interview anytime.

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