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Proven results for software engineering and technical talent acquisition leaders

Onsite-to-offer ratios

Predictive signal aligned to your hiring bar. Better candidate experience. More efficient technical hiring.

Faster hiring process

Unlock capacity with 24/7 interviewing. Move at the speed of candidates. Out-compete for top talent.

Return on investment

Reclaimed engineering productivity, funnel efficiency, faster hiring, and stronger, more diverse teams.

The Karat Interviewing Cloud

Karat’s Interviewing Cloud is a human + tech solution for delivering predictive, fair, and enjoyable live technical interviews 24/7, anywhere in the world, aligned to your hiring bar. Karat assesses engineering candidates for you, dramatically increasing engineering productivity, hiring velocity, and hiring yield.


Real and live technical interviews with a professional interviewer

Successful technical talent acquisition includes a technical interview with a Karat Interview Engineer. Karat interviews assess candidates’ technical and soft skills. We collaborate with your engineering team to deliver tailored interviews proven interview questions and formats that reflect the most relevant competencies and deliver them in an empathetic and human way.

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Technical Recruiter Candidate Recommendation

Hiring signal and recommendations you can trust

Karat technical interviews can triple the chances an onsite will lead to an offer. Solutions Engineers align interviews to your hiring bar, and optimize that alignment using hiring outcomes. Be confident that you’ll make offers to candidates who get a strong recommendation.

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Technical Interview Data Presentation

Robust analytics and market benchmarking

Karat helps teams confidently make strategic talent acquisition decisions using insights from from the world’s largest and only cross-company technical interview dataset. Karat delivers valuable and comprehensive hiring data while protecting PII. The result is accurate and measurable talent funnel analytics and unique insights that guide hiring process optimization.

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Karat Interviewing Monthly Schedule

Interview and hire software engineers faster than the competition

Interviewing and hiring faster means you won’t miss out on great software engineers. Adding Karat to your technical talent acquisition process increases interviewing bandwidth, allows candidates to schedule automatically, and provides 24/7 availability.

Remote Technical Interview Screen

Build global technical talent acquisition operations

We purposely built Karat for remote technical interviewing. Interview Engineers complete technical interviews with candidates around the world, 24/7 using our Interactive Developer Environment (IDE). We produce a video recording and structured write-up for every interview.

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Inclusive hiring processes for diverse engineering teams

Hiring diverse engineering teams starts with building a talent pipeline that represents the team you’d like to build, then ushering them through an inclusive hiring process. Karat provides consistent, fair technical interviews and strategic guidance needed to mitigate bias.

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“On average, only 5% of software engineering candidates in the tech industry who apply through company career sites are invited to interview. Candidates who lack robust professional networks are often excluded, and this disproportionately impacts Black candidates…”

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