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Karat Interview Engineers conduct live technical interviews on your behalf. Unlike coding tests, phone screens, or outsourced technical recruiting, Karat calibrates technical interviews to your hiring bar and reduces developer time spent interviewing by 60%.

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Proven Results

Clock with 60 percent extra time.
Gain developer productivity

60% more productive coding time for developers reclaimed from interviewing

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Get more predictive

55% improvement in onsite-to-offer ratios

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Delight candidates

24/7 scheduling and the option to redo the interview

Karat is trusted by leading organizations

Hear what Karat clients say

Karat has conducted tens of thousands of technical interviews on behalf of enterprises and high-growth companies. Engineering and talent leaders who are searching for technical interview services or technical interview outsourcing partner with Karat to increase their technical interview capacity, while improving consistency, and new hire quality.

  • Intuit staff having a discussion at a table.

    “I am incredibly proud of our partnership. Karat’s interviews are highly predictive and provide a fair and responsive experience for our candidates.”

    Nick Mailey VP of Talent Acquisition

  • Citrix staff having a discussion in a conference room.

    “We just celebrated a major milestone: 1000 first-round interviews conducted by Karat. Thank you to the entire Karat crew for giving over 2000 engineering hours back to our teams and helping us evaluate the transformational talent that makes Citrix a great place to work!”

    Trish Lincoln Programs Manager at Citrix

  • Pinterest employee all hands meeting.


    “Karat has allowed us to free up thousands of hours in engineering time that was used in technical phone screens while still matching our hiring bar. The impact has been especially noticeable in peak hiring seasons where we can now interview hundreds of candidates in a short window and deliver a responsive candidate experience.”

    John Egan Head of Growth Engineering

  • Mark Dao speaking on stage.

    “I confidently make hiring decisions with Karat’s structured interview data. I can now inform our CEO and board on exactly where we sit in the market and what resources it will take to hire engineers who meet our bar.”

    Mark Dao Chief Product Officer

Interview Engineering

Interviewing software engineers was no one’s job, until we made it ours. Karat Interview Engineers conduct live technical interviews on behalf of the world’s leading companies, improving onsite to offer ratios and reducing engineering time spent interviewing up to 60%.

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Status Quo calendar vs With Karat calendar.

Conduct more live technical interviews without taxing your engineering productivity

84% of C-level executives say software engineers are more valuable than capital. That’s why leading organizations choose Karat to conduct technical interviews on their behalf. Unlike technical interview services or coding tests, companies partnering with Karat free up developers to spend more time writing code and shipping products, close candidates faster, and boost team morale.

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Chart title: Market benchmarks - sourcing quality. Shows quality of source at My Company vs. elite brand companies, high brand companies, and other companies.

Increase signal from technical interviews and get more out of your talent pipeline

Each technical interview conducted by Karat is calibrated to your hiring bar by Alignment Engineers. This process ensures ATS data fidelity, improves onsite to offer ratios, and engineers technical interviews that are highly relevant to all roles and skill levels — producing an average interview sign up rate above 80%.

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Hiring analytics transform your hiring process into a competitive advantage

Karat works with your engineering and recruiting teams to power world-class hiring processes. Karat’s Interviewing Infrastructure aggregates interview data into a predictive hiring signal, reveals new insights, and empowers hiring managers to make more informed decisions and gain visibility across the entire organization.

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