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Our experts conduct technical interviews for you and simplifying complex talent acquisition processes. The result? You hire great software engineers and ship game-changing products.


Hiring developers with Karat interviews

Karat conducts technical interviews for the world’s foremost tech companies. We work with your team to align interviews to your hiring bar and produce recommendations that improve your onsite-to-offer ratio.


How to recruit and hire the right software engineers

Increase access to professional technical interviews. Karat clients invite more software engineering candidates to interview. This supports diversity and speeds up hiring. Interview questions are designed to accurately assess the competencies most relevant to each role.

Use interview rubrics. Karat technical interviews are scored using interview rubrics aligned to each role. This improves onsite-to-offer ratios and saves team time. Consider developing interview rubrics for final interview loop, too.

Train interviewers. Software engineers who interview candidates will benefit from training on in-interview communication and how to use interview rubrics.

Be available. Karat is available 24/7 to support candidates and technical recruiters. The result is a consistent and professional candidate experience.

Make data-driven hiring decisions. Karat partners with your team to create a reliable and measurable hiring process that will give you visibility into what’s working and what’s not.

Workshops for engineering and talent acquisition

The best practices that shape Karat’s technical interviews can be applied throughout the hiring process for greater consistency and better candidate experiences.

Enterprise clients take advantage of workshops for technical recruiting and software engineering teams on a quarterly basis.

Workshops for engineering and talent acquisition

These days, interviewing is done 100% remotely. Candidates and interviewers need new tools and knowledge to succeed. This workshop highlights best practices for conducting remote technical assessments, including:

Proper A/V setup for interviewers and candidates

Aligning questions to competencies

Developing structured scoring rubrics

Improving interview consistency and candidate experience

Assessing developer talent with a consistent approach not only maximizes hiring yield, it improves candidate experience. In this workshop, teams will learn how to apply Karat best practices for:

Improving in-interview communication

Completing structured write-ups

Improving overall candidate experience

Interviewing and hiring distributed developer talent

Enterprises count on processes for hiring engineers to scale globally to meet demand and deliver on business goals. In this workshop, teams will learn how to:

Set candidates and interviewers up for success

Establish a clear hiring bar that scales world-wide

Align interviewing and hiring processes across distributed teams

Hiring engineers starts with a Karat technical interview.

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