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Werner Koepf joins Karat as SVP of Engineering

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The Karat Team

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Karat announced today that Werner Koepf has joined Karat as SVP of Engineering. Werner will lead Karat’s rapidly-growing engineering organization as the company increases investments in its products and Interview Engineering platform.

Werner joined Senior Interview Engineer, Tyler Henderson, for a video Q&A as part of his onboarding. Watch the two discuss Werner’s background as an engineering leader at Amazon, Expedia, and Ticketmaster, as well as his favorite interview question and exciting vision for the future of Karat.

Intro Q&A with Werner Koepf

“Nothing ever resonated with me as much as hiring engineers. I’m such an example customer,” said Koepf. “I’ve hired maybe two hundred engineers across my teams and interviewed a few thousand. I can totally relate to that cycle. I don’t think I’ve been anywhere where my engineers weren’t complaining about doing phone screens.”

Werner also got to learn more about the Interview Engineering community and what motivates them during the conversation and came away impressed by the depth of engineering knowledge and empathy needed to create a great candidate interview experience.

“You have this hour to find the right candidate, so the least you can do is give them an environment where they can perform their best. That’s why I love Karat and what we do here,” shared Henderson. “Candidates deserve to be in an environment when they’re interviewing to be themselves or to be the best version of themselves.”

For more background on Werner Koepf, connect with him on LinkedIn.

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