Technical interviews for University Recruiting

Karat partners with your University Recruiting and engineering teams to ensure each season meets hiring goals faster than the last. Our team aligns code challenges and technical interviews to your hiring bar, measures and optimizes the hiring funnel, and identifies previously overlooked pools of talent.

University recruiting for computer science interns and new graduates
Technical Hiring Yield Insights

Gain a competitive advantage in University Recruiting

University Recruiting is an effective way to hire diverse, highly capable software engineering talent. It’s limited time frame means it’s also highly competitive.

Karat works with your team to set up key competitive advantages including increased technical interviewing bandwidth, establishing a global hiring bar, and setting milestones for interview completion throughout the season — ensuring you meet your hiring goals.

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“Very well formatted, second time taking an interview at Karat and so far my experience has been pleasurable. Eli is a great interviewer who conducted a very clear experience and was very nice!”

Pinterest, Apprenticeship candidate

Combine code challenges and live technical interviews

The Karat solution for University Recruiting includes a code challenge, at no cost. Karat uses that result to advance candidates to the live technical interview. Both the code challenge and live technical interview are aligned to your hiring bar, ensuring the highest possible onsite-to-offer ratios.

University Recruiting process with technical interviews by Karat.

University Recruiting analytics and insights

Karat delivers hiring funnel analytics as on-demand status updates and weekly snapshots throughout the recruiting season. This data highlights aggregate performance and cuts by school, program, gender, or ethnicity. Karat compares your results to our interview dataset to identify new opportunities to reach DEI goals, adjust your hiring bar, and identify new schools.

University Recruiting hiring funnel analytics

“It was a smooth process! I was well informed and made aware of exactly what the process would be, how it would go, and its components and keys to success. The IDE was smooth. This was a great interview experience!”

Palantir, New Grad candidate

Build brand affinity with Computer Science students

Technical interviews are conducted by Interview Engineers, providing candidates a high touch experience. Candidates are able to review their interview experience. This feedback is used as an input for ongoing performance management across our network of Interview Engineers.

Technical Interview Candidate Feedback

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