Inclusive candidate experiences that level the playing field

Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives for developer talent with an inclusive technical interviewing process that delivers a stellar consistent and fair candidate experience.


Mitigate bias and improve candidate experience for software engineers

Bias seeps in the typical technical hiring process due to lack of measurement and structure. Karat mitigates bias by rigorously adhering to established best practices, measuring and reporting on the entire hiring funnel. Data is segmented and evaluated based on EEOC data, including race and gender. Why technical recruiting leaders choose live technical assessments


Fair and inclusive live technical interviews

Code tests often create false positives and false negatives at the top of the hiring funnel. This disproportionately affects URMs and women. Karat data shows that these candidates are more likely to receive offers when provided guidance and clarity from an experienced interviewer in a live technical assessment.

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Quality control and enjoyable candidate experiences

Each Interview Engineer is held accountable for consistent delivery of interviews in a quality control process completed by another Interview Engineer. Feedback from candidates is used to validate consistency, satisfaction with the technology and Interview Engineer. Importantly, Interview Engineers don’t determine the recommendation following the interview or look at resumes. Recommendations are determined objectively using a scoring rubric aligned to the role.


Improve candidate experience with flexible scheduling

60% of developer job candidates choose to interview on nights and weekends. This flexibility is important to helping candidates put their best foot forward. Karat gives candidates the opportunity to redo their interview within 24 hours if they feel they can do better.


Fair recruiting processes go beyond the technical interview

Karat offers interviewing workshops for engineering and talent acquisition teams. These workshops cover proven approaches to mitigating bias, onsite interview consistency, developing structured scoring rubrics, and more.

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The best technical recruiting processes are human-centered and enjoyable.

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