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Remote Interview Resources, Karat Venture, and Hiring Analytics Dashboard

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Is it 2021 yet?

The first quarter of 2020 may feel like a COVID-colored blur, but the Karat team has been hard at work upgrading our website (including this shiny new remote interview blog!) and helping companies transition to 100% remote hiring. Our mission of making every interview predictive, fair and enjoyable motivates us to ship new resources and products. Here’s what you may have missed.

Remote Interview Resources

COVID-19 has completely upended business in an unprecedented way. What hasn’t changed is the demand for software engineers. Gaming, cloud, media, security, healthcare, and productivity companies have all answered the social distancing-call while continuing to hire.

Teams are logging in for Zoom happy hours, servers are “melting down” due to increased demand, cloud providers are posting monster growth numbers, and developers are in higher demand than ever–all while trying to navigate the new strains of worrying about loved ones, working from home, rationing toilet paper, school closures, and a general sense of looming uncertainty.

Technical interviews tax developer productivity, even under ideal conditions. Now, developer productivity is more important than ever as we all work from home. To help companies that are still trying to meet their hiring targets while transitioning to remote work, Karat is sharing our resources and best practices, including considerations for remote interviews, a step-by-step guide to taking your interviews virtual, and our best practices for Engineering the Technical Interview.

Introducing Karat Venture

COVID-19 has disrupted lives, routines, and workflows. The new remote world has put an even higher premium on developer productivity, and it’s not just enterprises that are in need of developers. We’re hearing from businesses of all sizes that are leaning into remote hiring. Karat Venture delivers the professionalized interviews our Enterprise partners value, in a flexible package designed for smaller high-growth companies who need to increase interviewing capacity and consistency. 

“Developers are paid well. Whatever they are getting paid, the value to our company is significantly higher, because what they do is build the company,” said Stella Connect VP of Engineering and early Karat Venture client, Bill Beckler. “All the activities you do will end up going nowhere if you can’t stay ahead of the market.”

Before working with Karat, Beckler’s team spent three to four hours interviewing each candidate. Now with Karat’s help, they spend no more than an hour and a half with each candidate, cutting their developer interview time tax by 75 percent.

With developer productivity more valuable than ever, Karat is here to help organizations of all sizes make the transition to remote interviews.

On-Demand Hiring Analytics

In addition to the new Venture offering, we’re upgrading our hiring analytics dashboard. Clients can now access clean and consistent data about their interview pipeline, which is crucial in a remote world.

Earlier this year, we conducted a survey of over 250 engineering leaders. One of the biggest differentiators between engineering leaders who are very confident in reaching their hiring targets, and ones who aren’t was access to detailed hiring funnel metrics.  We’re supplementing what customers get out of the standard ATS (Applicant Tracking System) to get even more value out of their interviews.

Karat’s analytics dashboard will help recruiting and engineering leaders answer questions such as:

  • “How many interviews have we done for Sr. SWE this month?”
  • “How many candidates did we advance directly to onsites?”
  • “How much engineering time would we have spent on interviewing?”
Karat On-demand Hiring Analytics
Users see how many candidates they have invited to a Karat interview, completions, engineering time saved, and the recommendation distribution.

WFH and conduct technical interviews 24/7 with Karat

For more information about Karat’s remote technical interviews, click here.

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