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Karat Expands Leadership team to Accelerate the Interviewing Cloud

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SEATTLE–Karat, the world leader in technical interviewing and pioneer of the Interviewing Cloud, today announced the addition of Erez Yarkoni, Executive Vice President of Revenue and Customer Operations, and Lily Thill, Vice President of People and Talent, to the company’s leadership team.

Yarkoni’s prior roles as VP of worldwide sales at Check Point Software, CIO at Telstra, and EVP of Customer Operations and Strategy at Apptio, bring a unique blend of global go-to-market leadership, technical savvy, and experience launching new categories that change the way enterprises conduct business. Thill, who previously served as an HR business leader at Medallia, will oversee the growth and evolution of Karat’s human-centered culture as the company scales, ensuring a world-class employee experience for its hybrid workforce.

“Building the Interviewing Cloud category requires leaders with vision, creativity, and experience, which is exactly what we found in Erez and Lily,” said Mo Bhende, Karat co-founder and CEO. “Erez and Lily’s industry leadership will unlock new opportunities for clients, candidates, and Interview Engineers, while creating a world-class employee experience that makes Karat one of the world’s best places to work.”

The Interviewing Cloud represents a paradigm shift for engineering leaders by eliminating the time trade-off between technical interviewing and innovating. This appealed to Yarkoni, whose previous experience includes launching the Technology Business Management category at Apptio.

“The opportunity to reinvent the hiring process to remove bias and bring out the best from every candidate drew me to Karat,” said Yarkoni. “The Interviewing Cloud represents a breakthrough innovation at both the technology and human level, and I can’t wait to deliver on that opportunity at scale.”

Karat’s opportunity to transform technical hiring comes at a time when the job market is more candidate-centric than ever. This trend is especially important for people and talent leaders to keep top of mind.

“Today’s job candidates are looking for purpose-driven companies, human-centered cultures, and flexible work,” explained Thill. “It is a rare opportunity to work in the People team of a People company, and I cannot wait to help Karat grow and transform the future of hiring!”

To learn more about working at Karat, check out our careers page!

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