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Four Advantages of Interviewing Cloud

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In a candidate-first world, creating an enjoyable and equitable hiring process is paramount, and Interviewing Cloud creates opportunities for more enjoyable and equitable hiring. With digital transformation accelerating at an unprecedented pace, every company is turning to software to gain a competitive edge.

Engineering time is more valuable than ever, with many companies investing 80 hours or more of that per hire. At an industry level, this translates to $60 billion a year in time spent interviewing and screening candidates, which comes at the expense of critical coding time and limits companies’ ability to innovate and create future value.

What is Interviewing Cloud?

Karat’s Interviewing Cloud is an always-on, scalable, and consistent human + tech solution
for conducting technical interviews 24/7. It combines a global network of Interview Engineers and purpose-built interviewing infrastructure to deliver predictive, fair, and enjoyable interviews at scale.

What are Interview Engineers?

The Interview Engineers at Karat are experienced developers who conduct technical interviews. They use a structured approach, consistent process, and proven content that produces the strongest hiring signal for clients and an enjoyable, flexible interview experience for candidates.

The four advantages of Interviewing Cloud

  • Increased engineering productivity
  • Improved hiring signal
  • Competitiveness for engineering talent
  • Fair and equitable hiring

On demand interviews

Our highly-skilled Interview Engineers are available 24/7 to provide candidate scheduling flexibility, while also being able to support unexpected day-to-day needs for employees involved in the hiring process.

World-class interview content and structured scoring

We focus on providing consistency through battle-tested content that has been validated for fairness, along with developing objective scoring rubrics that focus on needed competencies for the role.

Strong, clear hiring and talent signal

Interviewing Cloud can produce recommendations that provide a clearer sense of how strongly a candidate will perform relative to your talent bar and to other candidates.

Fair and equitable hiring

Karat’s structured interview process, consistency, and content neutralize the systemic bias through consistency measures that ensure an interviewer’s style won’t impact a candidate’s performance.

Reclaim productive engineering hours and accelerate hiring

Most companies invest at least 5 hours of engineering time in every final round interview, with some up to 8 hours per final round candidate, so the ability to optimize the hiring signal is critical in reclaiming productive engineering time. With Interviewing Cloud, organizations get back 2 hours on average of productive engineering time for every first-round technical interview.

Aside from reclaiming engineering hours spent on the hiring process, Interviewing Cloud also helps organizations stay ahead of the competition for talent. The race for top technical talent continues to intensify, and every hiring and talent decision becomes more important. By offering on-demand interviews and flexible scheduling, your company can show up on your candidates’ terms and at the speed they’re demanding in today’s talent-first world.



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