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We are the experts in technical interviewing

The interview is the gateway to a great job. Software engineering candidates deserve access to a fair, human, and rigorous technical interview that eliminates false negatives. That’s why we professionalized interviewing and created the role of the Interview Engineer.

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Who are Karat Interview Engineers?

Karat Interview Engineers are seasoned software developers. Some are start-up founders. Some are independent consultants with established businesses. Many are full-time engineers, some at the biggest companies in the world, and some from cool little companies you might not have heard of. We’re a diverse group of experts, located in the U.S. and around the world.

What we have in common is a desire to make interviews better. Having worked in the tech industry for years ourselves, we know how hard the process can be for candidates and hiring teams. We use our empathy, training, and expertise to help each candidate shine so companies make the best hiring decisions.

“Being an Interview Engineer at Karat literally changed my life. When I was introduced to Karat through a friend, I discovered the most flexible job I’ve ever had and got to leverage my tech background fully remotely.”

Chris Cook, Interview Engineer

“My work at Karat matters because not only am I helping companies conduct interviews, but I am also helping the candidates to have a good experience during the process. I love my job here!” 

Julia Gao, Interview Engineer

“There is a good feedback culture here. Instead of you having to advocate for yourself, there is already a tested system in place to move you along and make you a better Interview Engineer. I just feel like there are people watching out for me and helping me to become better.”

Helin Shiah, Interview Engineer Mentor

Global Hiring Engineer conducting remote interview

Human-centered, technology-enabled

We equip Interview Engineers with Karat’s advanced interview training and best practices, comprehensive guidelines, a team of relationship managers, one-to-one mentorship, and the Karat Platform. Our technology drives structured interviews, enables the input of structured feedback, and produces a data-informed recommendation facilitated by–but independent of–the interviewer.

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What does it take to become an Interview Engineer?

Interview Engineers must complete an onboarding program that teaches Karat’s proven best practices for delivery of the interview — including how to reduce bias. With the guidance of a mentor, new Interview Engineers practice delivering interviews and improve through feedback until they are ready to represent Karat and the hiring company.


1 to 2 weeks

New Interview Engineers gain mastery of the Karat code of content and their first interview question. They are supported by a mentor Interview Engineer.


1 to 2 weeks

Interview Engineers practice delivering one interview question and their mentor identifies next steps for getting “interview ready.”


2 weeks

Interview Engineers conduct interviews with early career candidates while feedback helps them refine their skills.


4+ weeks

By now, Interview Engineers have mastered a large library of questions and conduct more advanced interviews.

Interview Engineering Community

Be part of a global community

Community is a big part of the Interview Engineering experience. The personal relationships we develop, the learning we get from interacting with peers around the world, the exposure to cool projects, and new perspectives. All these things are fostered by a strong, active and inclusive community like no other, and fueled by pride in a mission that matters.

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