Add technical interview bandwidth and scale software engineer hiring

Karat’s Interview Engineers conduct live tech screens for you, for dozens of roles, at all levels of seniority from interns and senior architects.


Interview more candidates and meet hiring goals faster

Karat completes 60-minute technical interviews with your software engineering candidates and delivers a recording, write-up, and recommendation to you. Teams save valuable engineering time conducting interviews, completing write-ups, and switching from the role of developer to interviewer.

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Professional technical interviewing at unlimited scale

Karat technical interviews are facilitated by Interview Engineers — experienced developers, who have made interviewing their job. With around the clock availability, Interview Engineers add unlimited capacity to interview, so your team can focus on projects that will move the business forward.

What does it take to be an Interview Engineer?


Reliable recommendations driven by consistent tech screens

Following each technical interview, Interview Engineers complete a structured write-up using a scoring rubric aligned to your hiring bar. Interview Engineers facilitate a consistent and objective technical assessment, while the Karat Platform uses the scoring rubric to drive the recommendation.

How does Karat establish interview consistency?

We’re here to interview the engineers you need to build the next big thing.

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