Hire engineers globally with remote interviewing

We interview the developers you need to ship the next big thing. Live technical interviews with an Interview Engineer are available 24/7, helping teams identify their hiring bar, and hire the right developers anywhere in the world.


Centralized interviewing and hiring operations for top engineering roles

Global growth may require your team to hire engineers with expertise that you don’t have in-house or in new locations. Karat works with your team to benchmark your team’s skills, by geography, and create a centralized hiring approach and a single hiring bar across your organization.


Hire the right senior software engineers

Senior engineering candidates need to be interviewed by another senior engineer. Yet, often candidates interviewing for open roles at new sites are unable to be interviewed by a senior developer in the same time zone. That’s where Karat comes in — our network of Interview Engineers are experienced developers with 24/7 availability.


100% remote interviewing, 24/7

Karat offers maximum flexibility for candidates. That has always meant allowing them to interview remotely, with the opportunity to schedule on nights and weekends. Each technical interview is recorded in our IDE and available for the hiring team on-demand.

Tips for consistent and reliable remote interviewing

We’re here to interview the engineers you need to build the next big thing.

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