Reliable technical interviews and recommendations

Reduce the time spent interviewing the wrong candidates by getting more interview signal in the first-round technical assessment.


Reduce noise with consistent technical interviews

Interview questions and formats are often left up to the interviewer, leading to inconsistency and noise. Karat Interview Engineers use pre-selected interview questions aligned to your hiring bar, eliminating unwanted inconsistency, and increasing interview signal.

Karat interviews are technical assessments in which candidates talk through their approaches. This dramatically reduces fraud and false positives.

“At Roblox our goal is to be the best place in the world to do software engineering and computer science. Interviewing is a necessity and that’s where Karat comes in. The investment in Karat gets us the highest signal to noise ratio and helps us optimize our engineers’ time.”

Claus Moberg VP of Engineering, Roblox

Get the right interview signal with structured scoring rubrics

Karat works with your engineering team to align structured scoring rubrics to each role. This ensures each interview write-up is based on the same consistent criteria. This approach means candidates are evaluated fairly and you can trust the recommendations and hiring outcomes.

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Interview accountability and transparency

Karat records each technical interview and collects candidate feedback through a post-interview survey. Both are part of a quality control process that ensures accountability for consistent delivery of the technical interview. This also reduces opportunities for bias and improves candidate experience.

Hippo Insurance saw a 2x improvement in onsite-to-offer ratio with consistent technical assessments by Karat.

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