Tech talent hiring analytics and pipeline management

Confidently optimize your technical recruiting process with integrated analytics, benchmarking, and deep talent intelligence.


Integrated hiring analytics start with clean ATS data

Smart talent acquisition decisions start with clean data. Yet, dirty Applicant Tracking System (ATS) data frequently prevents companies from creating hiring analytics they trust. Karat’s Data Integration team will integrate with your ATS to clean critical data objects. This ensures the analytics that drive decisions during our partnership reliable information.

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Visibility into your entire technical recruiting process

Tech recruiting and engineering teams gain access to hiring funnel analytics that show opportunities for improvement and clear wins. Out-of-the-box metrics include technical screen-to-onsite ratio, onsite-to-offer ratio, and offer-to-hire rate. These are segmented to inform talent acquisition goals.


Tech talent benchmarking data and insights

To build competitive tech recruiting operations, companies need to benchmark their own hiring processes and candidate quality against their industry. Karat’s aggregated dataset of 100,000 structured technical interviews include insights that reveal how to be the leader in candidate quality in your industry, where to source the right talent, and more.

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