How to find the right software developers

Invite the right candidates to the next round. Karat interviews align to your hiring bar so you can improve your onsite-to-offer ratios up to 3x.


Job description analysis and interview alignment

Professional interviewing starts with a job description analysis. Karat Solutions Engineers work with your team to identify and rank competencies needed for success on the job. These are reflected in the interview and the scoring rubric used by Karat Interview Engineers.


Technical interview questions built to identify candidate quality

Great interview questions and formats don’t happen by accident. That’s why Karat employs a team of experienced developers dedicated to interview question R&D. Each technical interview format contains three questions designed to highlight key competencies.

Learn how Karat aligns to your hiring bar

“My Karat browser tab is always open. Watching the interview videos gives me insight into culture alignment before I meet the candidate. I’m able to attend debriefs with my team with an informed opinion about the candidate. Looking at those videos is a constant feed into what works.”

Ran Harpaz CTO, Hippo Insurance

Recommendations your team trusts

Karat technical interviews are designed to accurately predict onsite performance. When a candidate receives an “Invite to Next Round” or “Fast Track” recommendation, you can be confident that bringing them to an onsite interview will likely mean making an offer.


We’re here to interview the engineers you need to build the next big thing.

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