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Karat’s community of Interview Engineers conduct technical interviews on behalf of leading companies.

Karat Interview Engineer conducting an interview.
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It's great to have a real person 'next' to you, helping with the ideas, hints, and simply cheering you up! My Interview Engineer was simply great, super-nice, calm and polite.

Software Engineering Candidate
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Who are Interview Engineers?

Interview Engineers are experienced software engineers who are passionate about delivering incredible interviews to their fellow engineers. They are equipped with data-informed best practices and an interviewing infrastructure that ensures interviews highlight candidates’ strengths. Fewer than 2% who apply pass our rigorous evaluation.

A software engineering candidate using Karat's 24/7 interview scheduling.

Candidates deserve interviews that are flexible and fair

We help candidates shine by giving them a flexible and fair interview experience. Candidates can schedule their interviews 24/7. Following the initial interview, candidates have the option to redo the interview.

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Quality control delivers consistent, bias-free recommendations

Consistency in each technical interview is ensured by a quality control check by a senior Interview Engineer. A full review is completed before a recommendation is passed to your team.

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