Diversity and inclusive hiring

We help our customers build more diverse, higher-performing teams. We’re working towards systemic change in the tech industry. And we’re proud of the team we’re building here at Karat.

Karat team collaboation

Building better teams

Karat delivers fair, unbiased interviews that generate more opportunities for underrepresented genders and minorities. It’s part of our “why.” Data shows us that increasing diversity — of gender, of background, of cognitive styles — increases business performance. More diverse organizations simply outperform their peers.

Karat combines a structured interview that mitigates bias, expert Interview Engineers, and hiring data to help clients make a big impact — some going so far as to triple their minority hiring.

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Developer job candidates access fair interviews

Improving access

Karat is partnering with leaders in industry and academia to provide $1 million worth of technical interview practice for Black software engineers each year. Our goal is to advance career opportunities and technical growth for computer science students and early career professionals who haven’t had access to the same preparation and resources enjoyed by many of their peers.

We are proud to partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) such as Howard University and organizations like Jopwell, the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), INROADS, and InternHacks. Together, our efforts help underrepresented engineering candidates prepare for the interview experience and accelerate their path to success.

Real Talk: Diversity in Tech

Real Talk Diversity in Tech with Airbnb

Our Real Talk: Diversity in Tech event series creates a free and open space for leaders and innovators to reveal what they’ve experienced as URMs working in tech—and what companies can do to truly create diverse teams and inclusive environments.

To date, we’ve worked with Dropbox, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Indeed, Convene, Snapchat, and Airbnb to present Real Talks. Now a virtual series, we’re keeping the conversation going with more great industry leaders.

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Human-centered = inclusive

Interview Engineer Group Discussion

Being human-centered is a core value at Karat, a company where everyone is welcome and supported. More than half of our managers are women. Minority representation at Karat is well above the tech industry average (sadly, we know that’s a low bar). No matter your background or how you identify, you belong here.

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Real Talk Diversity in Tech with Airbnb
Real Talk: Diversity in Tech with Airbnb

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Diversity, equity and inclusion at Karat
University Recruiting and DEI

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Wahab Owolabi, Real Talk Diversity in Tech
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No matter your background or how you identify, you belong here.

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