Brilliant Black Minds: unlocking opportunities for Black software engineers

Interviews unlock opportunities and change lives. And yet, we recognize that Black software engineers have been mostly kept out of the highest levels of tech and not afforded access to the career opportunities that interviews create. We are committed to supporting equity for Black Americans and created Brilliant Black Minds, our flagship purpose program, to empower a new generation of Black software engineers.

For hundreds of years in the U.S., Black people have innovated and disrupted every industry and facet of American life. And it’s been done with grace in the face of systemic racism and countless closed doors. Brilliant Black Minds honors this heritage of genius through engineering in the Black community and commits to supporting the next generation of Black software engineers that will change the world of tech.

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How it works

Karat partners with organizations and institutions that serve Black software engineers to invite participants into our free practice interview program.

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Live practice interviews

Participants receive a series of virtual technical interviews just like the ones they will encounter throughout their careers. We provide feedback after each interview, including strengths and areas for improvement. The interview progression offers participants the opportunity to explore different topics and measure their improvement around specific technical competencies over time.

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Insights and innovation

Karat works with our partners to anonymize and aggregate participant data. We then share the data-driven insights across our community of partners, help align curriculums to industry expectations, and prepare Black software engineers for future interviews based on the competencies that hiring managers are looking for. Karat also uses the data and participant feedback to create more inclusive interview formats that will change the way the tech industry hires developers.

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Interviews are an important step in the career journey, but we recognize they are singular moments in time. We offer participants the opportunity to connect with Black engineering leaders in workshops and professional development webinars aimed to help more candidates land their dream internships and jobs. The results will mean thousands more Black engineers sharing their brilliance and critical perspectives at the leading tech companies that influence the ways we all live.

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Hear from some Brilliant Black Minds

Here’s what the Black software engineering leaders of tomorrow have to say about Brilliant Black Minds and starting their careers on the right foot.

“The Karat interview process was very impactful with my journey as a computer science student. The interview process allowed me to develop my skills and the technical interviews, as well as my social skills when it comes to behavior interviews, which led me to the current internship I have now.”

Malaya, Howard University, class of 2023

“Taking my experiences as a Black woman, I can bring that into a technical space and actually write code based on my experiences and hopefully change a whole algorithm that is supposed to identify African-American people.”

Demetria, Howard University, class of 2023

“I’ve taken a couple of interviews in the industry and lots of the companies do not want to provide feedback, for whatever reasons they may have. But I think that feedback is very important and for the Karat practice interviews you get the feedback immediately after the interview, and the interviewer tells you your strengths and weaknesses.”

Collins, Howard University, class of 2021

Our partners

Karat is partnering with institutions and professional organizations that are committed to serving members of the Black community throughout every stage of their career journeys.

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If your organization is interested in partnering with Karat, please contact us.