The Karat interview experience

See what developer job candidates like you say about the Karat technical interview and why the experience is so different from code tests.


Senior software engineers talk interviewing with Karat

Software engineers share their Karat interview experiences, and why an interview with an Interview Engineer makes a difference.

“The interview was really good. Tarun, who interviewed me, was very supportive and made me feel less antsy. It’s always nice when an interviewer brings in a bit of warmth, especially when they aren’t direct employees of the company.”


Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Infrastructure candidate

“Comparing this to other technical interviews like [code test] and it’s ilk, I prefer this. I never felt rushed because the interview engineer was there to reassure you that while you may not finish it, this is only part of the hiring process and you will get partial credit. That calmed me down a good deal and I really enjoyed myself.”


InVision, Lead Front-end candidate

“Both Karat interviews I did for Roblox were great. I am just not used to these types of tech interviews, and a year sabbatical has left me a bit rusty. Overall it has been fun interacting with the interviews I have had. Thanks! Time to go back to basics.”


Roblox, Senior Software Engineer candidate


Highly skilled engineering candidates share their experiences

Developers begin to identify a specialization within the first few years of their career. Many take the next step in their career with a Karat technical interview. Unlike a code test, candidates experience a human-connection, guidance, and clarity when they need it.

“I enjoyed my interview with Heath (my Interview Engineer). His warm welcome made me feel very at ease. He was also mindful of my disability and gave me room to take pauses/breaks when necessary. Also, he was extremely patient when I was silently writing my coding solutions, and he provided excellent hints when I encountered bugs to point me in the right direction.”


Roblox, Software Engineer candidate

“Interviewer was great at communication and expectations. Much better than most first round interviews I have done.”


Better.com, Full Stack Engineer candidate

“This redo interview was a lot less nerve-wracking compared to the previous one due to a bit of practice. The second question was rather challenging but Andrei assisted with going to a simpler solution over the recursion one, and it helped a lot with moving to a better direction.”


Indeed, Software Engineer candidate


Developers start their engineering careers with technical interviews

Interns, new college graduates, and junior software engineers are typically given a code test at the start of the recruiting process. With Karat, they get the real-world experience of a technical assessment with an Interview Engineer.

“Absolutely loved this interview. My interviewer was very responsive and provided just enough help.”


Robinhood, Back-end Engineer candidate

“It was a great interview experience. Mario was a fantastic interviewer and great at offering feedback and support throughout the interview.”


Palantir, Intern candidate

“My interviewer was great. Very friendly and made the process enjoyable!”


Intuit, Intern candidate