What is a Karat technical interview?

At Karat, we believe that the technical interview should be fair, predictive, enjoyable, and above all, human.


Why a live technical interview matters

There is a coldness to taking exams. As one of the first steps in an engineer’s recruitment process, our clients understand that the first-round technical interview needs to have a human element.

Technical interviews with a human interviewer give every candidate an opportunity to ask clarifying questions, receive guidance where appropriate, and get credit for partial answers. All of this works to reduce systemic bias.

Senior engineering candidates are able to have a strategic project discussion which represents a broader skillset to employers, not just a score on a page.

Your technical interview will assess the specific competencies of the job that you are applying for. You will have the live support, guidance, and feedback of a professional Interview Engineer in a fully tooled IDE to best showcase your technical abilities. See how it works.

Every candidate has the opportunity to provide feedback on their Karat technical interview, and 95% rated their experience as either 4 or 5 out of 5 stars.

“It is way better than an automated experience like [a code test]. I like the human touch. Thank you for doing this.”

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Senior Software Engineer, Front-end Infrastructure candidate

How does the Karat technical interview reduce bias?

Karat has a diverse team of content and R&D specialists with decades of software engineering and Computer Science education experience. They develop, test, and refine every technical interview question and format, looking for possible instances of cultural bias and ambiguity to ensure your interview is both fair and predictive.

Karat quality controls every Interview Engineer by reviewing the video interview footage, write-up, and recommendation. This reduces bias and puts all candidates on a level playing field.

Why live interviews are inclusive