Who are Interview Engineers?

Interview Engineers are experienced developers who conduct technical interviews. They use a structured approach that provides a predictable result for clients, and an enjoyable experience for candidates like you.


Who can be an Interview Engineer?

More than half of Interview Engineers have at least ten years’ developer experience, and they must have at least three years’ experience to qualify. Interview Engineers understand it’s hard to be a candidate. We place an emphasis on soft skills like empathy, as well as technical skills.

What qualifies Interview Engineers to conduct technical interviews?

Interview Engineers must complete an onboarding program that teaches Karat’s proven best practices for delivery of the interview — including how to reduce bias. Then, with the guidance of a mentor, new Interview Engineers practice delivering interviews and improve through feedback. Interview Engineers qualify for more questions and conduct more advanced interviews as they gain proficiency in interviewing. Karat supports Interview Engineers’ learning in specializations, such as machine learning and devops.

New Interview Engineers are supported by a mentor Interview Engineer. They will gain mastery of the Karat code of conduct, interview delivery guidelines, and their first interview question.

Interview Engineers are paired with a mentor who guides them through practice delivering their first interview question, provides performance feedback, and sets expectations for improvement.

Apprentice Interview Engineers will conduct interviews with early career candidates. Mentors continue to provide feedback, soft skills are refined, and new questions are mastered.

Interview Engineers master a large library of questions and conduct more advanced interviews including project discussions.

“It is really nice to have trained interviewers. It makes the process more comfortable when you’re allowed to ‘pass’ on questions to show what you do know.”

Robinhood, Back-end Data Engineering candidate


  • Who chooses the interview questions?

    Karat Alignment Engineers work with hiring managers to identify key competencies for each open role, and pre-select questions and formats that assess the relevant competencies for your interview. Interview Engineers qualify to deliver interviews with certain questions, but they do not choose the question.

  • Do Interview Engineers make recommendations?

    Interview Engineers are facilitators of the interview — they don’t make recommendations or look at resumes. After the interview, Interview Engineers complete a write up using a structured scoring rubric that has been designed for the role and aligned to the company’s hiring bar. Write ups are reviewed in the quality control process for accuracy and presented to the recruiting team and hiring managers in full, along with your video interview and code.