Why companies work with Karat

Great candidate experiences start with a real-time technical interview with an experienced developer.

Remote Technical Interview

More technical interviewing bandwidth

Growing engineering teams are often stuck in a catch-22: they need their engineers to interview and hire new team members, but also meet product goals. Companies partner with Karat to add technical interviewing bandwidth they need to hire and ship great products.

Karat clients get accurate hiring signal and candidates get a fair and enjoyable interview. A code test won’t achieve this result, nor will team members who are hurrying through tech screens with candidates. Working with Karat gives candidates access to live technical interviews, conducted by a software engineer, 24/7.

Why hiring teams prefer live technical assessments

Question in Karat Studio Interactive Developer Environment.

Technical interviewing expertise and consistency

Karat developer interviews are conducted by Interview Engineers. They are experienced developers who use questions aligned to the technical expectations of the hiring company. This ensures a consistent and objective experience.

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"The overall experience was really great. Thanks to the interviewer for making me feel comfortable throughout."

Wayfair, L3 Engineer candidate
Karat Interview Engineer, Amber

Karat technical interviews highlight candidates’ strengths

Interview Engineers provide guidance without giving away the interview. It’s easy to make a small typo, or get stuck while thinking through a problem. When it comes to hiring engineers, Karat clients want to see what a candidate can do — not what they can’t.

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Technical Interview Schedule

95% of candidates enjoy their Karat interview

Great candidate experiences are key to your success and ours. That’s why candidates and tech recruiters have access to 24/7 operational support. After each developer interview, candidates are invited to provide feedback. This input is used in Interview Engineer performance reviews, product, and strategic decisions.

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What do Karat technical interviews measure?