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Karat is the world's leader in conducting first-round technical interviews.

Karat at work.

Tech and non-tech companies alike are struggling to hire the software engineering talent they need to compete in the modern economy. Technical interviewing is time consuming, inconsistent, and impossible to scale internally. As a result, most companies don’t meet their hiring goals and are unequipped to change.

That's why we founded Karat. We recruit and train software engineers to conduct predictive interviews for our clients with rigor, humanity, and fairness. Karat helps companies hire the engineers you need to create the future and ensure that engineers are in jobs that maximize their strengths.

Our network of professional interview engineers has conducted over 20,000 technical interviews on behalf of clients including Indeed, Pinterest, Intuit, and MuleSoft. These clients are able to accelerate hiring, reclaim engineering hours, and provide an exceptional candidate experience.


Mohit Bhende, Karat Founder
Mohit Bhende


Jeffrey Spector, Karat Founder
Jeffrey Spector


Neil Kumar, Karat CTO
Neil Kumar


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