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Karat’s global community of Interview Engineers conduct technical interviews on behalf of leading companies.

Karat Interview Engineer conducting an interview.

This is the best on-call interview experience. Usually, during online coding tests, the platforms do not allow us to run code, but Karat was different in that it allowed us to run the code and be more confident with it. The technical interviewer gave me the luxury to keep coding while he was monitoring. This experience could not have been better!

Interview Candidate
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Who are Interview Engineers?

Interview Engineers are senior software engineers who are passionate about technical interviewing. They are equipped with data-informed best practices and an interviewing infrastructure that highlights candidates’ strengths. Interview Engineers complete screening for technical and soft skills. Fewer than 2% of technical interviewers who apply pass our rigorous evaluation and go on to become Interview Engineers.

A software engineering candidate using Karat's 24/7 interview scheduling.

Candidates deserve interviews that are flexible and fair

We help candidates shine by giving them a flexible and fair interview experience. Candidates can schedule their interviews 24/7. Following the initial interview, candidates have the option to redo the interview.

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Quality control delivers consistency and reduces bias

Consistency in every technical interview is ensured through a quality control check conducted by a senior Interview Engineer. A full review is completed before a structured recommendation and scoring rubric is passed to your team.

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