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The interview is the gateway to building careers and teams. Yet it’s no one’s full-time job. That’s why we made it our job and created Interview Engineering.

Software engineer candidate sitting at a kitchen table taking his interview on a laptop.

Growth depends on access to technical interviewing

The vast majority of companies are becoming software-driven. Agility and scale have become requirements and cost efficiencies are driven by technological innovation. Capital to fuel these initiatives is plentiful, yet software engineering talent is notoriously lacking and difficult to hire.

Few teams have technical interviewing availability and expertise

Interviewing is often a part time job. Only 10- 20% of team members have the availability to interview software engineering job candidates. Far fewer have the expertise to do so with the consistency needed to yield predictable results.

Many candidates lack access to interviews

To many companies, interviews are a scarce resource. As a result, the standard interview is fraught with bias and as little as 10% of candidates in Applicant Tracking Systems are interviewed.

Software engineering teams miss hiring targets

Due to the inability to interview enough candidates with the consistency required to yield predictable outcomes, many teams miss hiring targets by more than 40% — threatening their ability to ship product and achieve strategic objectives.

Introducing the Profession and Science of Interview Engineering™

TWo Karat software engineers working in the office.

To increase interviewing access, capacity, and consistency we created Interview Engineering. Interview Engineering is a profession in which technology supports better performance, in the same way that front-end engineering is supported by tools like GitHub or the Chrome debugger.

A Karat Interview Engineer speaking on a mic at a conference.

Interview Engineers are experienced software developers who are passionate about interviewing job candidates. To conduct interviews with the highest degree of consistency and fairness, Interview Engineers are equipped with data-informed best practices and an interviewing infrastructure.

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