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The world’s best technical hiring processes are built on the Karat Interviewing Infrastructure.

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Transform your hiring process from the inside out

Our Interviewing Infrastructure includes the Karat Studio technical interview platform, alignment engineers, analysts, and client success managers. This technology, paired with technical interviewing experts, leverage insights from tens of thousands of technical interviews to continuously level up your hiring process. The result is a dramatic improvement in onsite to offer ratios, increased hiring velocity, and visibility into a hiring process that was once a black box.

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Karat Studio: Our Technical Interview Platform

Karat aligns technical interviews with your hiring bar and conducts them in the fully-tooled IDE, Karat Studio. Each interview produces a recommendation based upon a candidates’ abilities and how well they align with the needs of the role. This way, your team moves forward with only the developer talent most likely to get an offer.

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Rigorously tested technical interview questions

Karat research and development creates and tests technical interview questions that map to specific competencies and modules. This team develops questions based on your organization’s roles and job descriptions, and each technical interview question and format undergoes extensive testing prior to implementation.

Technical interview consistency at scale

Our technical interviews are quality controlled and produce a highly predictive recommendation for how the hiring team should proceed, backed by a timestamped video recording, code samples, a scoring rubric, and observations from the Interview Engineer. Candidates can schedule their interviews 24/7 and redo the interview if they don’t feel it was a true representation of their technical skills.

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Gain a competitive advantage with hiring analytics and data-informed insights

Just 36% of companies track hiring funnel metrics like onsite-to-offer ratio. The Karat technical interview platform, surrounding interviewing infrastructure and analytics reveal never-before-seen insights and visibility to your C-suite, talent acquisition, and engineering leadership.

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