The Karat Solution

Karat Interview Engineer conducting an interview.

Karat brings Interview Engineering and the underlying interviewing infrastructure to your company, giving software engineering candidates predictive, fair, and enjoyable technical interviews.

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Interview Engineering™

Interview Engineering is provided by experienced developers who deliver highly predictive, fair, and enjoyable technical interviews to software engineering teams and candidates. This allows engineering teams to accelerate hiring while interviewing less and coding more.

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Interviewing Infrastructure

Interviewing Infrastructure brings consistency, structure and insights from the world’s largest interview dataset to your hiring process. More than a technical screening service, Karat technical interviews are calibrated to your hiring bar for each role, highly predictive, and continuously improving over time.

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Karat in your hiring workflow

1. Your source candidates 2. Interview Engineers conduct live technical interviews 3. You bring cnadidates onsite and make hires 4. Intering Infrastructure powers your hiring process with data and insight 5. You increase hiring target attainment

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