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Everything you need to know about Karat and your technical interview with us.

Software engineering candidate interviewing with Karat.

Who is Karat?

We conduct first-round technical interviews on behalf of companies like Indeed, Intuit, and Pinterest. It's our job to conduct a structured technical interview with you that is fair, rigorous, and above all — human. From there, the recruiter or hiring manager at our partner company will reach out to you with next steps.

Karat Interview Engineers.

Who are Karat Interview Engineers?

Karat Interview Engineers are experienced software engineers equipped with structured interview formats calibrated to each company and role. On average, they have 12 years of experience. They are passionate about software engineering interviews and aim to provide an exceptional experience.

The Karat interview environment.

What should I expect the interview process to be like?

You’ll complete your technical interview in an interactive developer environment (IDE). The format is a live paired coding interview with an experienced Karat Interview Engineer.

What makes Karat interviews different

Calendar with 24/7
24/7 Interview Scheduling

Your recruiter will send you a link to schedule your Karat technical interview. You'll be able to schedule 24/7 so you can choose the best time for you.

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Feel confident and prepared

Before your technical interview starts, you’ll be able to log into the Karat Platform. Here, you'll find a company FAQ, audio check, and verification of the time of your interview.

Redo your technical interview

Everyone deserves a second chance to make a first impression. If you don't feel that you did your best, you're welcome to schedule a redo of your technical interview.

Trusted by top engineers like you

  • I like the concept of Karat interview over regular online coding test. The approach Karat follows gives a clear understanding of candidate skill set and problem-solving ability as he is not judged only on the number of test cases executed :)

    Indeed Candidate
  • Thanks for allowing re-dos because I was so nervous the 1st time. The content was just as difficult and challenging, and it involved something I hadn't used before: tuples. Since I wasn't as nervous and kept it together, I was able to get something working. Karat has a solid group of interviewers!

    Pinterest Candidate
  • My interviewer was very friendly and patient. She was great at guiding me through the problems and explaining to me all the doubts I had about test cases. I liked how she tried her best to help me think when I got stuck and greeted me when I finally managed to pass all the test cases. A great interview experience overall!

    Intuit Candidate
  • Totally blown away - the level of communication and help from Karat with the A/V, coderpad, FAQ - these were all fantastic. It was a wonderful experience for me as a candidate... The questions asked and sample code problems were by far the most "concrete" that I've done in any interview (by concrete I mean the most related to the actual, real subject area of my job and closest to the kinds of things someone in this role would do in real life).

    Zume Candidate
  • Great job, folks. I liked the variety and quality of the questions. Challenging, nuanced coding puzzles. Cihat was very clear, straightforward, friendly, and supportive. I wish all my interviews going forward were through you folks, and once I land somewhere, I'd be pleased to use your service for my own hiring.

    InVision Candidate
  • My interviewer, Heath, was a great interviewer! He spoke very clearly and explained the process and questions very thoroughly. He smiled a lot, which really helped calmed my nerves and made me feel at ease throughout the coding portion. I really enjoyed using this platform and had a great time with my interviewer!

    Pinterest Candidate
  • Excellent platform. Coding tool was fantastic, interviewer was extremely professional, and logistics ran smoothly. Hoping to use Karat again in the future.

    Roblox Candidate
  • The interviewer was very friendly and professional. He knew exactly how to ease my nerves and was very helpful when I got stuck.

    Flatiron Candidate
  • Jose was my interviewer. He was very kind and helpful. This was definitely one of the best interview experiences I had. Thank you Jose!

    Databricks Candidate
  • It was honestly so, so much better than any sort of technical screening I was expecting to experience. Very thorough, solid real-world question, and a nice rapport between myself and my interviewer. Not a bad way to spend an hour!

    Blackboard Insurance Candidate
  • Honestly probably the most thorough interview I have done for the amount of time and also the questions were very well defined with enough details so I as an interviewee could quickly understand the problem, really good, kudos to Karat!

    Indeed Candidate

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