Maximizing signal in virtual interviews

Transitioning to a virtual interview process presents an opportunity to add structure and consistency which increases signal, improves the candidate experience, and boosts visibility across the entire hiring pipeline.

A successful virtual interviewing and hiring process starts with strong interviewer accountability, clearly defined competencies, and consistent measurement. The three areas of focus are all critical to ensuring your remote interviews don’t end up in a black box.

Interviewers are key to great candidate experiences

Dedicating specific engineers to interviewing creates a core group who can focus on improving signal and candidate experience. Plus, this creates shared accountability for the outcome of the hiring process. Each interviewer can gain empathy by experiencing an interview with your team as part of a mock interview process, especially if they are more tenured.

Set candidates up for virtual success

Interviewing is a stressful process. Even more so today as candidates are expected to interview virtually and may not necessarily know what to expect. Recruiting teams and hiring managers alike should support and reassure candidates with tips for good communication including audio and visual best practices.